New Fee Structure

The University of Kentucky periodically reviews and benchmarks the Plans’ fee structure against industry standards and best practices to ensure you are offered Plans that help you to both achieve your retirement savings goals and understand fees associated with administering your account. With that in mind, please see the following changes.

Fee Leveling

UK has made the decision to move to the lowest possible share class currently available among all funds in the plans. This will bring lower cost to all participants who may be utilizing these funds or who may utilize them in the future. At the same time each participant will now see an annual fee listed on your monthly statements. Although this fee is listed monthly for transparency, this is an annual .06% that is prorated over 12 months. However, if you are investing in a fund that generates a revenue credit you may see a quarterly revenue credit allocated to your account. This step is being taken to offer the lowest cost funds possible, add transparency to your costs of recordkeeping and to bring fairness to those who may be choosing funds that return revenue back to the plan. Although fees and credits are common considerations in choosing investment options, it is important to also consider other crucial factors such as time horizon, risk tolerance and financial situation, when deciding on an investment mix that’s right for you.